Centre for Cancer Biology Membership is open to established investigators who hold strong links with SA Pathology or the University of South Australia, and who have a significant interest and profile in cancer research. Other researchers without a cancer focus may be considered for membership if substantial overlap or synergy exists with existing research interests within the CCB.

Promising scientists with evolving independent careers may be considered for Associate Membership. 

Memberships are reviewed after three years.

Membership requirements

  • A postgraduate qualification (for example, MD, PhD or MD/PhD)
  • A significant international profile as reflected by publications in high impact journals and invitations to speak at major scientific conferences
  • Demonstrated ability to attract peer-reviewed funding
  • Willingness to prepare and manage an agreed research program
  • A source of salary (a Fellowship or appointment through SA Pathology)

Expectations and responsibilities

Members of the Centre for Cancer Biology:

  • Participate in and support general activities of the CCB.
  • Attract external funding and maintain a productive research group.
  • Supervise students.
  • Interact with CCB Faculty and promote collaboration with world class colleagues.
  • Promote the CCB and its interests interstate and overseas.
  • Include their CCB affiliation in manuscripts.
  • Take part in administrative and organisational functions of the CCB.

Member rights

As a member of the Centre for Cancer Biology you have the right to autonomy in all aspects of research and research collaborations, membership of the CCB Faculty Committee, and use of common CCB resources as appropriate.

Application guidelines

Please make sure you are aware of the membership requirements before you apply.

Your application should include the following:

  1. Curriculum vitae.
  2. Proposed field of research (maximum 1 page).
  3. Interactions nationally and internationally (maximum 1 page).
  4. Proposed interactions within the Centre for Cancer Biology (maximum 1 page).
  5. Details of three referees: name, address, telephone, facsimile, email

Submitting your application

Please send two copies of your application for membership to:

CCB Directors:Prof A Lopez & Prof S Kumar
Centre for Cancer Biology
SA Pathology, Frome Road, Adelaide  SA  5000