Our extensive range of lab equipment and computing and data storing equipment is available for use by the wider research community. If you have any questions about our technology or equipment please give us a call on +618 8222 3966.

Computer and data storing equipment

  • System 1: For research new algorithm testing and development
    • Dell C6145rack mount server
    • 4 x 16-Core AMD Opteron 63762.3GHz
    • 256GB Memory
    • 9x 900GB 10K RPM SAS 2.5 " Hot Plug Hard Drive
  • System 2: For diagnostic use
    • Dell C6145rack mount server
    • 4 x 16-Core AMD Opteron 63762.3GHz
    • 256GB Memory
    • 9x 900GB 10K RPM SAS 2.5 " Hot Plug Hard Drive

7 HP Z420 Linux Workstations

Through our collaboration with eResearch SA we have access to super computer Tizard, ANDS and RDSI storage, as well as the NECTAR cloud computing resource.

Specs for Tizard

48 SGI compute nodes connected by a high-speed QDR Infiniband network

Each node has 48 cores (4 AMD 6238 12-core 2.6Ghz CPUs) and 128GB memory (2.7GB per core)

A total of 2304 cores with a peak performance of 24 TFLOPS

Lab equipment

  • 2x GeneChip 450 Fluidics Stations (Affymetrix): Automates the wash and stain protocol of GeneChip arrays.
  • GeneChip Scanner 7G Plus (Affymetrix): Scans GeneChip arrays.
  • Bioanalyzer  (Agilent): Microfluidics-based platform for sizing, quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform.
  • 1 x ABI 3730 and 1 x 3730xl DNA Analyser (Applied Biosystems): 48 and 96 – capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencer for fragment analysis and Sanger Sequencing.
  • 2 x 96-Well GeneAmp PCR System 9700 (Applied Biosystems): Thermocycler.
  • ViiA 7 96-Well་or 384-Well་ Real-Time PCR་System (Applied Biosystems):་Real-time PCR System.
  • 2 x C1000 Thermocyclers (Bio-Rad): Thermocycler.
  • Sciclone NGS Workstation (Caliper): Automated high throughput sequencing sample preparation for library preps, sequence capture and normalisation.
  • STARlet (Hamilton): Automated high throughput sequencing sample preparation for library preps
  • S220 (Covaris): High performance ultrasonicator used for DNA shearing among other applications.
  • SX-8G IP-Star Compact Automated System (Diagenode): Automated ChIP and DNA methylation protocols as well as next generation sequencing library preparation and sample purification.
  • Access Array System (Fluidigm): High-throughput, targetenrichment system for multiple unique targets (such as exons) from a large number of samples, all at one time, also allows for sample barcoding and amplicon tagging.
  • BioMark HD System (Fluidigm): Real-time and digital PCR system with 5 – 10 nL reactions, enables single cell expression studies.
  • C1 (Fluidigm): The C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System is the world’s first commercially available, automated single-cell isolation and preparation system for genomic analysis.
  • MiSeq (Illumina): Fully integrated benchtop sequencer, can sequence up to 15Gb per run with 2 x 300bp reads.
  • 2 x NextSeq (Illumina): Larger benchtop sequencer, can sequence up to 2x150 bp reads and generate over 100Gb of sequence in 30 hours
  • HiSeq 2500 (Illumina): High output next generation sequencer, can generate up to 600Gb of sequence per run with 2 x 100 bp reads.
  • cBot (Illumina): Streamlines the cluster generation process for Illumina sequencers.
  • HiScan System (Illumina): Scanner for Illumina's highmultiplex BeadChips,Illumina’s BeadArray offerings include genotyping, linkage analysis, cytogenetic analysis, array-based methylation and gene expression.
  • RainDrop System (RainDance Technologies): digital PCR system capable of generating up to 10 million droplets per well.  Excellent for rare mutation detection and detection of expressed gene products.
  • Pippin Prep (Sage Science): Electrophoresis platform that automates size fractionation, useful for generating sequencing libraries.
  • MassARRAY Analyzer (Sequenom): Bench top MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer specifically designed for genomic research applications, processes 96- and 384-well SpectroCHIP arrays.
  • MassARRAY Nanodispenser (Sequenom): Bench top dispensing instrument employing advanced robotics for the rapid transfer of nanoliter volumes of sample onto SpectroCHIP arrays.
  • DropSense 96 (Trinean): A 96-well multichannel spectrophotometer for quick and precise UV/VIS spectral analysis of microliter. It has all the characteristics of a plate reader, but uses specific DropPlates with 1-3 Gl samples.
  • LSM 710 two-photon microscope (Zeiss): Enables confocal microscopy for a wide variety of applications. Provides an enhanced imaging depth (up to 1000mm) and allows 4D (X, Y, Z, time) imaging for observing dynamic processes deep in native tissues in vivo.